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YouthBuild – What We Do

The GED Course

YouthBuild’s GED component is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to successfully obtain their GED in the shortest possible amount of time, while ensuring that their academic skills are sufficient to join a post-secondary educational institution with confidence.

The Construction Course

The Construction course is designed to provide students with valuable skills in the world of building construction including safety and a focus on carpentry. These skills are acquired both in the classroom and at the construction site. Ultimately, YouthBuild trainees will earn nationally recognized credentials from The National Center for Construction Education and Research, NCCER.

Hire Us!

There are huge benefits for your company when you hire a YouthBuild graduate. Your company will contribute to well-being of our graduates by offering an opportunity for them to grow professionally. Each of our students has overcome barriers while helping themselves and their families to improve their education outcomes. YouthBuild trains and prepares young people for entry-level jobs. Our graduates gain experience necessary skills for construction and other fields.

We help students with

  • Building their resumes
  • Interviewing skills
  • Offering interview and work clothes
  • Handling relationships at work
  • Budgeting and saving money
  • Caring for and repairing a home

Recruit your next employee from our network of YouthBuild graduates. Contact YouthBuild today at (313) 945-5200. Please ask for our Employment Specialist.