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SER YouthBuild Learning Academy

SER Metro-Detroit YouthBuild Learning Academy program unites education, leadership, and youth development services, along with hands-on training to assist young people become leaders of their community and pursue achievable goals that will establish a productive life. Nationally, YouthBuild is a non-profit organization which provides education, counseling and job skills to unemployed young American adults, generally high school dropouts. This program is funded by the Department of Labor and Employment and Training Department. There are 273 YouthBuild programs in the United States, with a total capacity of about 10,000 students yearly, and there are similar programs underway in over 15 countries.

YouthBuild Outcomes

Grant 1Grant 2Grant 3Grant 4Total
Total Enrolled67676748199
Total Female102325361
Total GED1831232193
Total NCCER505137138
Total OSHA55614811175
Total RRP02745981
Total Deconstruction Training0707
Total Employed in a Skilled Trade15192559
Entered Employment/Post-secondary Education484743138
Average Wage per hour (1st week of placement)$8.69$9.10$8.54$26.33

Alumni Shout Out

Jonathan-NarvaezJonathan Narvaez is our STUDENT OF THE MONTH because he has shown YouthBuild staff and students that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Jonathan is a YouthBuild graduate. He was presented with the “Journey to Success” scholarship award at SER Metro-Detroit’s Amigo’s Luncheon. Currently, he is gainfully employed, an active volunteer at YouthBuild, and attends Henry Ford Community College with plans to major in Psychology. Shout out to Jonathan!

YouthBuild Flyer