Year Round Youth (Career Coaching & Job Training)

SER Metro–Detroit’s Year Round Youth Program is funded by DetroitAtWork under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Our program provides comprehensive year-round services for youth ages 16-24. Young adults in Detroit can take advantage of job services, career coaching, and free training if eligible. Sign up by clicking here.

The program focuses on academic enrichment, tutoring and mentoring activities, leadership training and career guidance and counseling. The program’s goal is to improve the long-term employment prospects of young people by providing:

  • Case Management
  • Basic work readiness skills training
  • Occupational training
  • Paid work experience
  • Follow-up and supportive services to eligible in-school and out-of-school youth

SER Metro-Detroit’s Year Round Youth Program key components are Work Readiness, Career Exploration, and Vocational Training & Job Placement.

Participants involved in this program are exposed to different areas of employment and information on post-secondary education. The Year Round Youth Program provides tutoring in core subjects, homework assistance, navigating steps to apply for financial aid and potential scholarships; if criteria are met.

To participate in the Year Round Youth Program candidates must meet the following eligibility guidelines.

  • YRY Application to be completed onsite
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Proof of Residency (must be a Detroit Resident)
  • Age 16-24
  • Social Security Documentation
  • Birth Certificate
  • Guardian must be present if under 18
  • Selective Service Registration (if applicable)
  • School Status (ex. Official transcript, Diploma)
  • Proof of Income (if applicable)
  • Other criteria’s set by the US Department of Labor

Youth Services Dashboard

Current Enrollment90%
Current Certificate Attainment73%
Current Placements89%
Current Workforce Wednesday82%
Enrollment Goal100%
Certificate Attainment Goal70%
Placement Goal69%
Workforce Wednesday Goal44%

For more information on how to apply for SER Metro-Detroit’s Year Round Youth Program, please fill out the Youth Interest form or contact:

Youth Services Center Manager (East side)
Dawn Johnson
The Samaritan Center
5555 Conner St.
Detroit, MI 48213
313-945-5200 ext. 4200 or
Youth Services Center Manager (Southwest)
Rocio Campos
SER Metro-Detroit
5200 Stecker St
(Entrance off Michigan Avenue, Near Wyoming)
313-945-5200 ext. 4200 or