Meet: Darnell Lucious, Our 2019 Success Story

Darnell Lucious: an 18 year old Detroit native with big dreams and even greater aspirations for himself and his community. Darnell has been a participant of SER Metro-Detroit since February 2019. By the time he registered in the Year Round Youth Program, Darnell had already explored a couple of career opportunities. He applied to the Police Academy in Detroit, but soon weaned out this option as he did not want to risk his life on duty. He then enrolled to the Building to Career Opportunities (BCO) program, an 8-week Construction Pre-apprenticeship program offered by Center for Working Families at SER Metro-Detroit, in hopes to become a successful construction worker with a focus in carpentry.

After a few months in the construction field and speaking to his seasoned coworkers, he realized that construction would take a toll on his body, so he decided to explore other opportunities. Darnell learned about the Year Round Youth program through a relative and came to SER Metro-Detroit’s Youth Center to register the following day. Still undecided on his career path, he decided to connect with SER Metro-Detroit for training and employment opportunities to continue to explore different career avenues.

Mr. Lucious began CDL-A training at 160 Driving Academy on March 2019 and completed all requirements by May. He plans to utilize this journey as a financial gateway towards his ultimate goal of creating an organization aimed at mentoring young Detroiters.  Darnell also participated in work-based learning where he worked evening at Walgreens after his CDL classes. This allowed income for food and transportation. In addition, Darnell received supportive services to assist with transportation to and from training and work as needed, and received assistance with obtaining his enhanced CDL-A license and a chauffeur’s license. Participation in the program has greatly impacted Darnel’s life by providing employment opportunity, supportive services for training, credential, and transportation.

Although Mr. Lucious is young, his maturity and drive are innate. A lessoned he has learned is – sometimes doing a lot does not mean you are progressing in life. Presently, he relates to the following quote by Arthur Ashe “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what can.”. Darnell believes this quotes signifies to take advantage of opportunities one has at hand while utilizing the resources one currently has in order to create the situation that one desires. He further explains that SER Metro-Detroit is a great place for that – a place where you can start using what you have to get what you want. He believes he is living proof as he landed a full-time position with Maverick as a Dock Worker. This will allow him to make $20 per hour while gaining further trucking experience until he is age eligible to travel international. He is excited to undergo a 3-week paid training in Arkansas beginning Sunday, July 14th.

For more information about our programs, fill out the Youth Registration form, visit our center, or call 313-945-5200 ext. 4200.

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