Frequently Asked Highschool Questions

SER YouthBuild Learning Academy & SER Learning Academy

SER’s  High School Diploma Completion (Credit Recovery) program at SER YouthBuild Learning Academy.

This program is FREE, includes earn as you learn incentives and, as a reminder, is open to ages 16-21 of any city. Class begins early September, so do not wait to enroll!

To schedule your enrollment appointment with us, please let us know your preferred day of the week (Mon through Friday) and if you prefer mornings or afternoons. Walk-ins are welcome at both our east & southwest location, but it would be best to contact us at Youth@sermetro.org or 313-945-5200 x 2 so we are ready for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does attendance work? Is this a real school?

A: Yes! SER YouthBuild Learning Academy is partnered with Detroit Public schools and we are the only “online learning lab” / “alternative credit recovery” structured like this in Detroit’s system. 

Attendance is mandatory every single weekday Mon-Fri (Classes start at 8:30am)


Q: Where are your High School Diploma Completion locations?

A: Both Youth Career Center locations house the HSD Completion programs:
Southwest: 5200 Stecker St
East: 5555 Conner St 


Q: When is the first day of school?

A: Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Q: Is this a virtual program? 

A: SER YouthBuild Learning Academy is not fully virtual, but is an alternative education/learning lab format. We believe you get to your goal quickest through in-person support & flexible instruction. Attendance is mandatory daily and is structured as regular semesters. However; you will be able to complete classes faster by working on your coursework at-home, online. Students are not limited to classroom access to the APEX system.

Technology will be available for those individuals that may need it through the Lending  Library.

Q: Are you on social media?

A: Absolutely. Follow us on IG,  Facebook or Twitter. Or, check out our YouTube: 

Graduate Spotlight – Kalyia | Graduate Spotlight: Leon | All About Youth Services | Parade & Grad Slideshow

Q: I am worried about transportation or childcare. How do you help with that?

A: Ask us about eligibility for providing bus tickets or a gas card on a daily or weekly basis. 

See below for a snapshot into our Kid’s Korner (Childcare Drop-In Center) for enrolled students that are pregnant/parenting:


Education Programs Descriptions

Foundational Skills

The Foundational Skills Program at SER Metro-Detroit is an academic intervention program to aid students with High School or GED completion by meeting them where they are.  Our goal is to assist students whose skill level in reading, writing and/or math are below the 6th grade level by providing academic support to enable students to increase EFL Level (Education Functioning Level) and obtain their High School Diploma or GED.

High School Diploma

Students enrolled in the SYLA High School Completion Program (ages 16-21) will have an opportunity to complete their Michigan Merit Curriculum Graduation Requirements which is 19 credits using APEX Learning, an online high school completion platform using our Hybrid/Blended Learning Lab instructional model. We are proud to be partnered with Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). Assistance with childcare, transportation, food & clothing available.

General Education Development Diploma (GED): 

GED Program (ages 18-24) is facilitated by a certified instructor that uses face-to-face, Google Classroom, EssentialEd, Zoom, Podcasts and other means of technology to engage students in an innovative learning experience.  The GED Test is made up of 4 subjects, divided into separate exams.  The GED/HSE (High School Equivalency) Test consists of four subjects: Mathematical Reasoning (115 min), Reasoning through Language Arts (150 min), Social Studies (70 min) and Science (90 min).  

The GED Ready Practice Test is available in each subject area to determine your readiness to take the test and determine the academic skills that require additional support.  The Instructor schedules a GED subject test once the student receives a “green light” on the subject area practice test.

Required Documents:

  • Parent/guardian photo ID (if 16-17) or Your ID (if 18-21)
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization record (we can help with this!)
  • Transcripts or report cards (we can help with this!)
  • 2 proofs of address: Acceptable proof includes driver’s license, Detroit ID, W-2, paystub, public assistance documents, official government mail, utility bill, etc.

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Vocations Descriptions

Health Care: Patient Care Specialist training & Certification available at east side location – 5555 Conner St (Samaritan Center) free. Off-site free training available in IT, Construction, Medical, Manufacturing, Transportation,  & more. 


SYLA’s construction training curriculum is designed to equip participants with a combination of classroom and hands-on skills that are commonly used across various sectors of the construction industry. Training will prepare graduates to meet the requirements for entry into a number of apprenticeships within the building trades, obtain entry-level construction positions or continue to post-secondary education.

Participants will receive over 120 hours of Multi-Craft Core Curriculum classroom instruction and hands-on experience that includes: 

  • Introduction to the Trades
    • Industry Awareness and skilled trades 
    • Industry Orientation
    • Workers’ Heritage 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA-10 and 30) – Construction  
  • Tools and Materials 
  • Blueprint Reading 
    • Basic Blueprint Principles 
    • Plans and Modules
    • Scales and Dimensions  
  • Math for the Trades 
    • Basic Math 
    • Formulas for Related Mathematics 
    • Metric Measurements 
  • Green Construction 
  • Workforce Readiness 
    • Interviewing Techniques 
    • Diversity 
    • Resume building 
    • Soft Skills 
    • Personal Appearance 
  • Supplemental Trainings 
    • CPR/First Aid 

Information Technology (IT) 

SYLA’ s IT curriculum provides an opportunity for participants to receive a number of industry certifications from the Microsoft Office Imagine Academy and CISCO Networking Academy.  It  allows for students to gain confidence in their technology skills and pave their way to college and career pathways. Youth will have access to more than 21 globally recognized Microsoft certifications courses leading up to IT Essentials, A+, security plus and networking plus. By earning one of the Microsoft certifications, students will acquire new skills on the latest technologies, have increased self-confidence, have more opportunities in their pursuit of higher education or a career, and gain a distinct edge in the competitive IT job market. CISCO Networking Academy is a global learning program focused on Information Communications Technology (ICT), computer networking, cybersecurity, and career skills.