Employer Services - Young Adults

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Employers can utilize a variety of services offered by SER Metro-Detroit at two young adult locations or remotely to recruit, interview, train, and hire new employees. SER staff will work with employers to tailor our services to custom fit their recruitment needs.

Benefits to employer partners:

  • Reduction of recruitment and training costs
  • Access to a robust pipeline of diverse, trained and ready to work employees.
  • Increase in retention rates of new hires.
  • Learn to leverage potential tax incentives and other government subsidies.

Employer Centered Services:

  • Work-based learning (subsidized employment) 120 hours
  • Host/facilitate presentations, workshops or meet & greets to connect with job seekers.
  • Set up interviews on campus at any of our facilities.
  • Participate in various campus job fairs and/or career related events.
  • Youth Services
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