2018 Amigos de SER

Amigos De SER 2018 Keynote Speaker

Matthew B. Elliott, Michigan Market President
Midwest Region Executive, Business Banking
Bank of America

The Amigos de SER corporate partnership program is comprised of business entities that partner with SER at the national and local levels. SER Metro-Detroit’s Amigos program was formed in 1982 under the leadership of the late Frank D. Stella, President of F.D. Stella Products, Inc. and F.D. Stella International Co. Today, SER Metro-Detroit’s Amigos represent over 1,000 entities ranging from large corporations and government institutions to family-run businesses and community organizations.

Through pooled resources and collaborative outreach efforts, SER and its Amigos have provided Detroit workers with satisfying long-term employment while also equipping local businesses with qualified employees. Additionally, SER graduates have pumped millions of dollars into Detroit’s economy each year—a clear return on the investment of the Amigos de SER. Even though there is still plenty of work to be done, the collaboration between the business and employment communities represented by the Amigos de SER has played a key role in the growth of Detroit’s economy.



Amigos De SER 2018 Employer of the year

AJM Packaging Corporation, originally a paper distribution company, has grown into a leading manufacturer of high quality branded and private label paper products over the last 60 years. They have created manufacturing jobs in Detroit and seven other plants across the United States, providing permanent full-time jobs to hundreds of people in the community and statewide. AJM Packaging Corporation has been a partner of SER Metro-Detroit for decades. They participated in over 30 hiring events and career days this past year, including our annual Career Fair.

In addition to events, SER customers are referred directly to AJM Packaging Corporation for employment opportunities. Customers have been placed in jobs such as Packers, Stackers, HI-LO drivers as well as skilled positions with wages ranging from $9.40 to $20.00 hourly.  Over 50 SER customers have been employed this year alone. AJM Packaging Corporation offers excellent benefits including no cost Medical Insurance, Vision, Dental, Life & Disability Insurance, and 401K Plans. To accommodate employee’s transportation barriers, AJM offers free transportation to their Southgate location.  AJM Packaging Corporation is distinguished in that they are willing to hire and train individuals with minimal qualifications and welcome returning citizens. They are instrumental in providing unexperienced participants with professional growth. They are committed to the health and welfare of the community and have dedicated significant resources to environmental programs.


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