SER Metro-Detroit
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Center For Working Families

CWF Acts as an umbrella to wraparound a variety of services that can help working families get ahead by improving their financial situation on a long term basis.

Employment and job services, financial education and counseling, and a number of work and financial and wealth building services are offered to help families reach financial stability and move up the economic ladder.

The CWF was initiated by the Detroit Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and United Way for Southeastern Michigan as an innovative partnership to advance community and economic development in Greater Detroit.

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Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope Program

Many families seeking cash assistance through the Michigan Family Independence Program (FIP) face significant barriers in securing and retaining employment. From child care to transportation and literacy, career coaches cite a long list of barriers that can keep families from achieving self-sufficiency.

Having positive mentors can help direct job seekers to reach their educational, career, economic and relationship goals. Our program focuses on a partnership between SERCO and PATH participants in building assets and developing protective factors, including their future aspirations for themselves, relationships and employers. The program covers such topics as developing and maintaining job search skills, practicing effective communication skills, career exploration, and obtaining life skills while working toward self-sufficiency and employment.

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Adult Education Services at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC)

Adult Education Services at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center: Funded by Ford Motor Fund, SER provides education services, including assessment, Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL), GED preparation services and bilingual basic computer classes at the new Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC) at the Mexicantown Mercado in Southwest Detroit. As the lead workforce development agency for the FREC, SER also offers participants one-on-one career coaching services and job readiness workshops, as well as access to financial literacy and coaching through the Center for Working Families.

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Bridges to Career Opportunities Program (BCO)

In April 2012, SER Metro-Detroit (SER) became a prime recipient for the Charter of Wayne County, Economic Development Growth Engine’s (EDGE) Neighborhood Stabilization 3 Program to deconstruct and demolish blighted properties in the Wayne County area. The NSP3 Deconstruction Project goal is to promote workforce development and environmental responsibility through its collaboration with SER. The project combines the resources of government and talent pool of workforce development agencies to employ graduates of green jobs training programs funded through the Department of Labor’s Energy Training Partnership and Pathways Out-of-Poverty grants.

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Community Ventures

Community Ventures (CV) is an economic development initiative that promotes employment and social enterprise. SER is one of two Detroit Service Providers for the Michigan Economic Development Growth (MEDC) and provides wrap-around services to CV participants by assisting with job retention and removal of barriers to employment and connecting employees to career pathways via employer-tailored … Continue reading Community Ventures

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Empower Hispanic Americans with Technology (EHAT) lab

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and General Motors Foundation, awarded SER Metro-Detroit with technology equipment to open an Empower Hispanic Americans with Technology (EHAT) lab.  The new technology lab will help bridge the technology gap by offering open lab hours for community residents to utilize the computer for job search or other … Continue reading Empower Hispanic Americans with Technology (EHAT) lab

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