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SER YouthBuild Learning Academy

This is a national program funded by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Department and prepares low-income young people ages 18–24 who have dropped out of high school earn their GED while learning job skills by building affordable housing for homeless and low-income people.

This program unites education, leadership and youth development services, along with hands-on training to assist young people become stewards of their community and pursue achievable goals that will establish a productive life.

SER Metro-Detroit YouthBuild is a Program designed to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of youth to rebuild Southwest Detroit and their own lives with a commitment to work, education, family, and citizenship. The purpose of the SER Metro-Detroit YouthBuild Program is to educate and transform underprivileged Detroit youth, ages 18 to 24 and provide them with an outstanding GED preparation, Construction training, and leadership skills.

YouthBuild’s GED component is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to successfully obtain their GED in the shortest possible amount of time, while ensuring that their academic skills are sufficient to join a post-secondary educational institution with confidence.

The Construction course is designed to provide students with valuable skills in the world of building construction including safety and a focus on carpentry. These skills are acquired both in the classroom and at the construction site. Ultimately, YouthBuild trainees will earn nationally recognized credentials from The National Center for Construction Education and Research, NCCER.

The Leadership Development initiative offers participants a chance to improve their social skills, and enhance their knowledge of politics, the economy, current affairs, the labor market, and the importance of an education. The YouthBuild program encourages its participants to take the first step toward real leadership. Since YouthBuild began, participants have worked together as a committee to voice their opinions on YouthBuild policy, administer ideas for program design, and develop rules and regulations that are currently in practice at YouthBuild.

Overall, theSER Metro-Detroit YouthBuild program has been the best resource for the youth of Detroit who are ready to lead their lives in a more positive direction.

Applications are available. For more information, please contact Rocio Campos at