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YouthBuild Program graduates its largest GED class in program history

SER Metro-Detroit hosted its largest GED graduation in history Thursday night. With National attainment scores declining rapidly, the achievement was one to be celebrated. The SER YouthBuild Construction Institute GED graduation was held at the Ford Resource Engagement Center in Southwest Detroit on January 28, 2016, at 5:30 pm. The YouthBuild graduates were joined by staff, family, and friends to celebrate their accomplishments and future goals. There were over 150 people in attendance for the graduation. Amongst the crowd was Ann Marie Leen, YouthBuild Director, Eva Garza-Dewaelche, President and CEO, Keenan Wade, State Administrative Manager, Tupac Hunter, Representative of Wayne County Executives Office and Keynote speaker Rico Razo, District 6 Manager for the City of Detroit. “This graduating class will increase Michigan’s outcomes,” said Kennan Wade as he congratulated the students.Which is a tremendous feat in light of the 2014 changes to the GED.  SER Metro-Detroit will work closely with the YouthBuild graduates to place them in long-term employment, apprenticeship programs or engagement of post-secondary education. YouthBuild is a National program, funded by the Department of Labor.